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  • emily. //
    i love you & i hope you have a nice day!!!!

    possibly going to be deactivating...
  • parkhappyviruss:

    The Celebrity Magazine November Issue ㅡ DJ열



{ blue pastel jongin edit for anonymous } 


    { blue pastel jongin edit for anonymous

    Follow the person I reblogged this from & reblog this!


    edit!ZYX » for my dearest Xing on his special day ♡

    There are a million things to love about you, Lay - your passion, your sheer amount of talent, your drive, your dedication - but what I love most is your overwhelmingly kind heart. Although you’re known to be quite absent-minded sometimes, you never forget to look after your members and always make sure to comfort them when they need it. You are like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds on a stormy day. Thank you for being such an amazing role model for everyone. You are truly beautiful inside and out, and I am honoured to call myself a Xing Mi. Happy birthday, Little Pride!


kai’s biggest fan♡


    kai’s biggest fan♡

    pretty baekhyun graphic; requested by baekingkai

    girls on the playground

bonds that can never be broken


    bonds that can never be broken


    satsuki shibuya

baekyeol | requested by baekhny ♡

    baekyeol | requested by baekhny 


    my Unnie painted a series of my shoes omggggg I LOVE IT SO MUCH !!!!!! :-D 💕💕💕💕💕